UK’s experience on gay ‘marriage’ a dire warning for Australia

UK’s experience on gay ‘marriage’ a dire warning for Australia

Australian marriage plebiscite voters, here are the facts on what legalizing same-sex so-called ‘marriage’.

What’s changed in Britain since same-sex marriage?

The UK has become a totalitarian state, where dissenters from the cultural marxist false ideology of the rainbow jackboot brigade are fair game for persecution of every kind under the ‘new tolerance’ of queer theory.

It all began with legalizing same-sex so-called marriage, but as the gay lobby well knew, it was NEVER only about that, it was simply a Trojan horse for remaking society in its bullying, feelings over reality image. Any Australian who thinks Australia would not suffer the same fate really is living in fairy land.

Vote NO in the Australian marriage postal plebiscite, or risking losing yours and your children’s freedom forever.


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