Australian marriage plebiscite: truth and tolerance only on one side

Australian marriage plebiscite: truth and tolerance only on one side

A short advertisement in support of the NO campaign in the up-coming Australian plebiscite on marriage has created a furore amongst the gay lobby, its supporters and the mostly left-wing/marxist media.

Leftists have reacted in fury, branding the women appearing in the ad as liars – the leader of the Australian opposition called their claims “rubbish”), while supporters of same-sex so-called ‘marriage’ have lobbied the Australian Medical Association to de-register one of the mothers appearing in ad, who is a doctor, and called for the church of another mother appearing in the ad to be burnt down. Gay activists have even gone after those donating to the NO campaign, tracking them down and threatening to destroy their businesses.

SS’M’ supporters have refused to acknowledge¬†independent evidence verifying all of the claims in the ads as true, preferring to make¬†ad-hominem attacks on NO campaigners and denying the fact that overseas experience has shown time after time that whenever same-sex so-called ‘marriage’ has been legalised, the impact has been society-wide and not, as gay activists claim, restricted only to those same-sex couples wishing to ‘marry’.

In particular, the link between same-sex so-called ‘marriage’ and the damaging marxist ideology of the ‘safe’ schools program is undeniable, the former WILL lead to the latter becoming compulsory, as has been seen in every overseas country where SS’M’ has been legalised.

Australians who value truth and freedom – the only way to preserve it is to vote NO in the upcoming Australian plebiscite on marriage.



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