Bleak future for freedom in Australia if marriage is redefined

Bleak future for freedom in Australia if marriage is redefined

Written by one of Australia’s most respected journalists, the article below discusses the dangers to Australian society from the “new fundamentalism” that in, a post-modern, post-truth age, places precedence on ideology and feelings, distorts and¬†hides the truth, seeks to silence debate and punish dissenters, and denies reality. The latest manifestation of this is scene in the debate on marriage in Australia, a debate that has intensified in the lead up to the postal plebiscite on the definition of marriage.

The ballots have not yet been mailed out, and¬†already we have seen the mainstream media admit to falsifying news in support of the leftist ‘yes’ cause; Australians may no longer rely on the media to be objective and will need to seek the truth directly.

One avenue is to simply observe what is already happening overseas wherever marriage has been redefined. Contrary to the claims of the gay lobby, the change has impacted every part of society, not just the tiny gay community, robbing ordinary citizens of their fundamental freedoms to hold and express their own view without fear of retribution, to raise their children in accordance with their own values and beliefs and to refuse to use their talents to promote and endorse policies and practices that go against their deeply held convictions.

As the author of this article states, the only, inevitable outcome of the leftists’ agenda is a fragmented society at war with itself.

Australians who wish to save their society from the rifts and division they view with alarm in Europe and North America should vote NO in the marriage plebiscite.


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